À L’ESPAGNOLE, a scenic fantasy by Compañía Antonio Ruz & Accademia del Piacere is part of Festival Internacional de Santander program and will be performed at Palacio de Festivales de Cantabria (Sala Argenta) on the 30th of August 2016 at 20.30.

BEST CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD 2015 PAD. (Andalusian Professional Dance Association)

BEST INNOVATIVE PERFORMANCE at GEMA AWARDS 2015  (Spanish Ancient Music Ensembles Association).

“…A L’ Espagnole felt  considerably short despite the one hour and a quarter show elaborated for Fahmi Alqhai and Antonio Ruz developed around the musical image of Spain in the France of Louis XIV Sun King, with an endless succession of beautiful music compositions unfolded in as beautiful choreographic compositions. Antonio Ruz work is overwhelming, is deep and brilliant based on the translation of corporal and gestural movements inside the sinuous melodic lines of the French Baroque Music.”

Diario de Sevilla. Andrés Moreno. 15.03.15

+ Info & tickets 

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