After its successful premiere at Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada in June 2015, ‘À L’ESPAGNOLE, a scenic fantasy’ Compañía Antonio Ruz / Accademia del Piacere arrives to Madrid International Dance Festival on 19, 20 & 21 of November 2015 at Teatros del Canal.

À l’Espagnole is a scenic fantasy based in the artistic cross-fertilisation between Spain and France throughout history, specially in the XVIIth century: one of the most fertile periods in the long history of Spanish influences in French society, a time in which the image of Spain in the cultural life of its neighbouring country varied its colour depending on the political events that marked the Parisian court and society; due to diplomatic tensions, interests and disagreements, the Spanish style spread out all around France in a irregular but very significant way. In the musical context, this love-hate relationship, of seduction and rejection, adoption and transformation of the forms à l’espagnole—mostly through dances coming from America and soon assimilated in Spain—is our source of inspiration to offer a show in which contemporary dance, theater and baroque music go hand in hand, in an interdisciplinar dialogue. An exciting experiment carried out by Compañía Antonio Ruz in cooperation with Accademia del Piacere, conducted by Fahmi Alqhai. Made by avant garde artists, À l’Espagnole is a show of contrasts, of light and shadows, amusement, surprising and new. In one word: Baroque.


This project was born out of my desire to stage an idea that came up years ago and is the result of my fascination for Baroque music, my direct relationship with the Spanish and French cultures, and my interest for a crucial time in the history of dance: the reign of Louis XIV in the French court, when ballet and choreographic art reached its climax. The curious presence and image of Spain in the French cultural life of the time has left us a musical, dance repertoire that inspires me today to address this project from the angle of contemporary dance, and to seek other forms of perception.

Following the line of investigation and collective creation with which the Company is permeating all its productions since its inception, and specially considering these music provides the harmonic and rythmic foundations of what we now know as flamenco, this work counts on the special participation of the choreographers and dancers Rafael Estévez and Valeriano Paños: both regular collaborators of Antonio Ruz, leading exponents of Spanish dance and avant-garde flamenco, and champions of research and study of the genre.


Antonio Ruz
Fahmi Alqhai
Tamako Akiyama, Melania Olcina, Carman Fumero, Manuel Martín, Indalecio Seura and Jordi Vilaseca.
Fahmi Alqhai (viola da gamba), Mariví Blasco (soprano), Rodney Prada, Rami Alqhai, Johanna Rose (violas da gamba), Enrique Solinís (baroque guitar and lute), Javier Núñez (clavier) and Pedro Estevan (percussion).
Estévez / Paños
Daniela Presta
Olga García
Alqhai & Alqhai y Compañía Antonio Ruz
Coproduction: Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada. Agencia andaluza de Instituciones Culturales (Junta de Andalucía). Comunidad de Madrid. With the support of Centro de Danza Canal, Madrid


ANDRES MORENO, Diario de Sevilla, 15.03.15

“Sounded bodies”

A L’ Espagnole felt  considerably short despite the one hour and a quarter show elaborated for Fahmi Alqhai and Antonio Ruz developed around the musical image of Spain in the France of  Louis XIV Sun King, with an endless succession of beautiful music compositions unfolded in as beautiful choreographic compositions. Antonio Ruz work is overwhelming, is deep and brilliant based on the translation of corporal and gestural movements inside the sinuous melodic lines of the French Baroque Music.

JESUS GONZALO. Noiself. 18.03.15

“ A new portrait for French Sun King”

Modernity without falling into the pastiche. This has been the challenge marked by Fahmi Alqhai and Antonio Ruz, the two Andalusian creators who have put together this exciting alliance of ideas, artistic languages and ages, generating a symbiosis between contemporary dance and baroque music – previously already addressed by the choreographer in other projects – that is  field of innovation.

JOSÉ JUAN ROLDÁN. Pantallasonora. 15.03.15

“À l’Espagnole, everything beautiful in the sun cabaret”

It is so evident that behind this show that combines music and dance in a masterly manner, it exits a job and a colossal effort from both companies, on one side the select members of Accademia del Piacere with director Fahmi Alqhai, as well as director of Seville Ancient Music Festival, and on another side the amazing dancers of the Company of the Andalusian Antonio Ruz.

BRÍGIDA GALLEGO-COÍN. Granada Hoy. 25.06.15

“Eternal love and hate”

With a great sense of humour and good taste, the company of Antonio Ruz moved us to French Sun King Century at the Teatro Isabel la Católica (Granada). Very interesting the dialogue between the Baroque live on music, in charge of the great Accademia del Piacere that directs Fahmi Alqhai and contemporary dance. With this miscegenation they were capable of transmitting us all the beauty of the Baroque Music.

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