Spanish choreographer and director Antonio Ruz is travelling for the first time to Colombia developing an Artistic Residency in Factoría L’Explose Bogotá and initiating in the city of Yopal his PASO Project, an itinerant research residency that aims to approach the folklore of different countries and regions of Latin America under the contemporary perspective. Folklore/Dialogue/Body/Identity 

  • From 15 to 27 July. Artistic Residency at Factoría L’Explose, Bogotá 
  • Wednesday 24 July 18h. Antonio Ruz Conference. Planetarium Auditorium, Bogotá
  • Sunday July 28 17h. Final showing Artistic Residency Factoría L’Explose, Bogotá 
  • From 29 July to 10 August. PASO Project. Research on Folklore (Joropo), Yopal (Ministry of Culture)

Both projects are supported by the Spanish Cultural Action Mobility (AC/E) within the framework of the Internationalization of Spanish Culture Program (PICE) and Ministry of Culture, Colombia.

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