The Antonio Ruz Company celebrates its 10th anniversary with the creation of its first dance film in co-production and artistic collaboration with ELAMOR at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

It is Aún a celebratory meeting in which more than 20 performers who have collaborated with Ruz in the last ten years revisit some of the works of the Company’s trajectory to generate a new original piece, contributing new approaches to existing projects.

The different rooms of this emblematic building are activated by choreographic sequences, provoking a dialogue between movement, the camera and architecture. An intervention to address the past, present and future of the Company and, at the same time, pay tribute to the city of Madrid, which has been pivotal in its renowned career.

The project seeks to create a space for celebration and meeting for contemporary dance in relation to other disciplines such as plastic arts or music, opening a window to research and experimentation, and transcending the limits of dance as a fact that cannot be reproduced with creation of an audiovisual document for memory.

DIRECTOR AND CHOREOGRAPHER Antonio Ruz  CO-DIRECTOR & CREATIVE ASSESSOR  Manuel Rodríguez (ELAMOR)  DANCE & CHOREOGRAPHIC COLLABORATION Melania Olcina, Carmen Fumero, Lucía Montes, Ángela Chavero, Begoña Quiñones, Mado Dallery, Laura García, Teresa Garzón, Verónica Garzón, Elia López, Paula Montoya, Alicia Narejos, Cristina Reolid, Manuel Martín, Alejandro Moya, Julián Lazzaro, Jose Alarcón, Marcos Martincano, Mario Olave, Sergio Jaraiz, Arturo Franc Vargas PRODUCTION Compañía Antonio Ruz  COPRODUCTION ELAMOR  CORDINATION ELAMOR Inés Muñozcano DIRECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHY Sara Gallego  AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION Lejos lejos  DIRECTION ASSISTANT Elisa Celda  CHOREOGRAPHY ASSISTANT Lucía Bernando  PRODUCTION COMPAÑÍA ANTONIO RUZ Paola Villegas y Gabriel Blanco – Spectare  PRODUCTION ASSISTANT COMPAÑÍA ANTONIO RUZ Mariano Roche  AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCTION MANAGER Andrea Celda  SOUND DESIGN Alberto Carlassare, Martín Scaglia  SOUND POST-PRODUCTION Alberto Carlassare Samuel Cabezas – Artista Foley   MUSIC Aire (ELAMOR)  DIRECT SOUND Tomás Kruse  EDIT Elisa Celda, Roberto López  STEADY CAM Andrés López Herce  CAMERA ASSISTANTS Marina Tizón, Marta Vizoso  GAFFER Jorge Fonseca  ELECTRICAL Marcos Cifo, Ignacio Carratalá RUNNER Ramón Nadabien  ETALONAJE Clara Rus  COSTUMES Javier Morales MAKE-UP & HEAR Natalia Calero  MAKE-UP & HEAR ASSISTANT Edixon Calanche LOCATION ELAMOR  OBJECTS Daniela Presta, Antonio Ruz  CATERING Papeo Catering  DISEÑO GRAPHIC DESIGN Pau Llop + Esteve Padilla (ELAMOR)  MANAGER Valeria Cosi – Tina Agency  PRESS Marta Baeza – La Locomotora, Lemon Press  COMPAÑÍA ANTONIO RUZ COSTUMES, Daniela Presta, Kimôh  PHOTO María Alperi MAKING OF Elena Feduchi (ELAMOR)  WHITH THE SUPPORT OF Centro Cultural Sanchinarro, 2deo Tabakalera

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