After years of research and 5 months of creation labs, workshops and open rehearsals, choreographer and director Antonio Ruz’s piece BEAUTIFUL BEACH will premiere at LAZONAKUBIK Madrid from 22 of October until 1 of November 2015.


Direction and choreography: Antonio Ruz
Performers and choreography collaboration: Melania Olcina, Alicia Narejos, Manuel Martín, Indalecio Séura and Pedro Aguilar.
Musical creation and arrangements: Juantxo de la Calle and Alberto Mayoral
Musical concept: Juantxo de la Calle, Alberto Mayoral and Antonio Ruz
Set and costume design: Daniela Presta and Antonio Ruz
Light design: Olga García
Set makers: Leonor Jiménez and Álvaro Estrada
Production: LaZonaKubik and Compañía Antonio Ruz

LAZONAKUBIK. C/ Primitiva Gañan, 5, 28026 Madrid

Dates: 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 30 & 31 of October & 1 of November
Timetable: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 20:30.; Sunday 19:30

 Price: 15€

Choreographer notes 

Ten years ago, in a hotel room in Chicago, I found a CD with relaxation methods for hotel guests in the form of exercises guided by a male narrator and set to the tune of some fairly cheesy New Age music and a background of waves, water and sea breezes. Though I tried and failed to relax, this peculiar ambience and the idea of the beach have nonetheless stayed with me until today, causing me to question all these years where my interest in bringing this concept to the stage comes from and how to translate it into choreographic language. The recurring image of the beach as an idyllic place of pleasure and tranquility gives us an oasis from the chaos and noise of our current existence, fulfilling our desire to disappear off the face of the Earth. We attempt to teleport ourselves towards a paradise far from reality, using the power of the imagination. Is the beach really a paradisiacal getaway? Does vacation equal disconnection?

In direct contrast to this imaginary state of total peace, and using humor and music as a backdrop, I wanted to delve into the movement of a body that is noticeably agitated and trembling in poses of excitement; exploring pathologies or mental states that provoke restlessness and deliberately changing the usual association between mind and body to artificially represent actions that express physical discomfort. The play between tension-relaxation, the tense muscles that are a sign of our times, are ironically transformed into fragility and anxiety, whimsically reproducing situations where the body is out of control.

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