Under the motto of “beauty and madness” from the Zurich Festival 2018, the CHAGALL-KONZERTE offer for the first time, together with the texts and poems by Marc Chagall recited by the painter’s granddaughter Meret Meyer, 3 different musical programs designed for the occasion with the choreography of Antonio Ruz. Four unique performances in the Fraumünster Church Zurich, Switzerland.

6th of June: ensemble cantissimo (Choir) / Organ: Jörg Ulrich Busch / Muiscal direction: Markus Utz / Dance: Antonio Ruz / Text: Meret Meyer. Isaac, Doles (world premiere), Cage, Hindemith and Mellnäs
13th & 14th of June: String Quartet le buisson prospérant / Violin: Ulrich Poschner / Violin: Daniel Kagerer / Viola: Nada Anderwert / Cello: Gabriel Wernly / Organ: Jörg Ulrich Busch / Students Bachelor Contemporary Dance ZHdK / Choreography: Antonio Ruz/ Text: Meret Meyer. Schubert, Saint-Saëns and Messiaen

20th of June: Bariton: Michael Volle / Organ: Hansjörg Albrecht / Students Bachelor Contemporary Dance ZHdK / Choreography: Antonio Ruz / Text: Meret Meyer. Rachmaninov, Mussorgsky, Alain and Mahler

“For years, I have been interested in investigating the dialogue of dance with other disciplines such as live music, theater, art or architecture. The project for the Chagall-Konzerte 2018 is for me a new challenge in this field, an opportunity to intervene in the Fraumünster Church space, its light, its history. Marc Chagall’s direct relationship with the performing arts and his vision of dance as a poetic axis between heaven and earth are my source of inspiration to create this project that evokes an atmosphere of tension between the imaginary and the real. Physical and spiritual. The upside-down bodies of the performers are driven by music, spoken voice and silence, and thus become dancing and flying creatures that escape the laws of gravity without abandoning their weight and volume. An original choreographic language impregnated with color vibration and gesture rhythm, off balance and abandonment. A celebration of art as unifying element, full of humor, fantasy, madness and beauty.”

Antonio Ruz

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