Founded by its director and choreographer, Antonio Ruz, following a successful bid during Centro de Danza Canal Madrid first call for residencies selection with the project No Drama. The company revolves around the research of movement; fleeing from labels while seeking interdisciplinary cooperation, such as arts at large and contemporary music, creating a fresh an innovative approach to the dance. By involving itself in every stage and aspect of the creative process a 360 approach to a production, from choreography to set to stage is obtained. Pieces often question the body, its perception, thereof, and the ambiguity or even irony it may generate. Integrated by highly trained professionals including choreographers/dancers with technical experience that produce a final product bursting with excellence and originality.

Presented in Europe, Africa and South-America, the company’s productions are: No Drama (premiered in Teatro Pradillo, Madrid 2010 and performed in Rio de Janeiro and Berlin), Recreo.01 (La Noche de los Teatros, Madrid 2011) and Ignoto, winner of the Best Performace award at the International Burgos-New York Choreographic Contest in 2011. Ojo is a co-production with Festival de Otoño en Primavera Madrid and Sasha Waltz & Guests, Best Choreography award PAD (Andalusian Professional Dance Asociation) performed in Madrid, Berlin, Athens, Córdoba, Gijón and San Sebastián and Libera Me! a project in collaboration with the german choir ensemble Vocalconsort Berlin presented in Niedersächsischen Musiktage (Germany), Semana de la Música Religiosa of Cuenca (Spain), Festival de Semana Santa de El Escorial and Festival de Música Antigua of Sevilla. In 2015 the company premiered À L’espagnole, a scenic fantasy in collaboration with the baroque music ensemble Accademia del Piacere and his director the viola da gamba player Fahmi Alqhai. Beautiful Beach was part of the Creation Laboratories LaZonaKubik Madrid, where was recently premiered after 5 months of research, open rehearsals and workshops. The same year the company ‘s commission Recreo.02 for the Opening of the New German School Madrid with more than 80 artists among dancers, musicians and students. Double Bach is the company’s latest production with great dancer Tamako Akiyama and musician and composer Pablo M. Caminero recently premiered at Festival International de Teatro Clásico de Almagro.


Maureen López

Madrid, 1973. Begins her career with Classical Dance Studies at the Carmen Roche Dance Centre and continues her training at London’s Royal Ballet School and Rambert Ballet School. She then partakes in projects including: the “Aracaladanza” Company (Madrid); La Fura del`s Baus” in “Simbiosis” performance (Madrid). “Il barbiere de Sevilla” with composer Carles Santos (Festival de Perelada). “Honda cero” with theatre director Calixto and composerr Jose Luis Bieito (Festival de Música de Toroella de Montgrí). “Kurt weill 2000″ with texts by Bertolt Brecht and flim and theatre director Gerardo vera (Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid); the musical production “Notredame de Paris” (Teatro BTM, Barcelona). “Compagnie Buissonniere ” directed by Cisco Aznar in Vidy Theatre (Laussane, Switzerland); collaborations with Tania Carvalho during the Danças na Cidade festival (Lisbon); “I was there” directed by Abraham Hurtado, a Mercat dels Flors production (Barcelona) and the “Temps de Image” festival (Lisbon, 2007); member of the Cesc Gelabert company between 1998 and 2008; “Journey to Simorg” directed by Frederic Amat (Teatro Real,Madrid; collaboration with “Bridge on a wall ” collective, including video and performance installations at Tristesse Deluxe Gallery (Berlin); apperance in “Krolroger” at Gran Teatro Liceu (Barcelona) and the Bregenz Festival (Austria); Participates in Sharon Fridman’s “Shakuf” (Projects in movement); Participates in the Compañía Antonio Ruz original production “No Drama”.

Dimo Kirilov

Sofia, Bulgaria, 1976. Commences his classical ballet studies at the National Opera School in Sofia, after which he becomes a member of the National Opera in 1993. In 1994 he joins France’s Jeunne Ballet and a year later joins the Nancy et Lorraine National Ballet, where, in 1996, he becomes a soloist interpreting both classical and neoclassical pieces. Since September 2001 (since 2003 as principal dancer) he forms part of the National Dance Company under the direction of Nacho Duato. During this period he inteprets pieces from the current repertoire of choreographers like Nacho Duato, Jiri Kylian, Mats Ek, Hans Van manen, Ohad Naharin, Jacopo Godani, Orjan Anderson, Wim Vandekeybus, Gentian Doda, Gustavo Ramirez, etc. In Septemper 2009 he launched his career as an independent dancer, partaking in different workshops and projects in Europe as well as Gustavo Ramirez’s. “Lo que no se ve” premiered at Barcelona’s Mercat dels Flors. He has participated in Compañía Antonio Ruz “No Drama” y “Recreo.01″ creations.

Melania Olcina

Degree in Art History from UCM (2009) and graduated in contemporary dance Dance R.C.P Mariemma of Madrid (2008). Awarded in X Choreography Contest Burgos-New York (2011); at the International Festival of Vienna “Impulstanz” (2009); University Carlos III of Madrid (2009); XXII and XXIII Madrid Choreography Competition (2008-2007); International Festival of Dance and Performing Arts ADAE (2008); Dance Festival Alcalá de Henares (2005). She works as an interpreter for Projects in movement by Sharon Fridman; Company Teresa Nieto; Ballet Carmen Roche; Teatro Real in Madrid; Opening of the IX South American Games 2010 directed by Franco Dragone; Company Jesús Rubio; Trasdanza 2012-2013. Currently working in the company of Antonio Ruz. Make video art projects as “Woman On Background” and “Galmatopeia”.

Nani Paños

Córdoba, 1976. An Eva Leyva, Nuria Leyva and Araleo Moyano disciple. Having studied with Javier Latorre he completes his training under the tutelage of masters like Rosa Naranjo, Maestro Granero, Manolete, Carmina Ocaña amongst others. He joins the Compañía Andaluza de Danza, under the direction of Mario Maya. He dances as a soloist for companies like José Antonio y los ballets españoles, Compañía Blanca del Rey, Antonio Márquez, Aída Gómez and Manolete, amongst others. Between 1998 and 2000 he joins Spain’s National Ballet. He is declared “outstanding” at the Madrid’s 10th Spanish Dance and Flamenco Competition. He partakes as a soloist in “Triana, en el nombre de la rosa” and “Rinconete y Cortadillo” by Javier Latorre. Guest starred during 2005′s International Dance Day’s in “Intermedio de los burladores” an homage to Alberto Lorca, where he shared the stage with the likes of Mats Ek, Cesc Gelabert and Ana Laguna. He participates in Javier Latorre y Rafael Estévez’s “Homenaje a Fosforito”, cast alongside Rocío Molina, Fuensanta la Moneta and Daniel Navarro. He has choreographed dancers like María Vivó, Mayte Bajo, Olga Pericet and Esther Jurado. In 2006 he danced with Merche Esmeralda at Seville’s Flamenco Biannual closing ceremony. He participated in “Los Grandes”, with Antonio Canales. During Granada’s Music and Dance Festival he danced with Merche Esmeralda, Joaquín Grilo, Fuensanta la Moneta and Manolo Marín. Co-director with Rafael Estévez of the Dospormedio y Compañía group which has produced, among others, “Flamenco XXI, opera, café y puro” and “Sonata”. He has partaken in the experimental and imrovisation production “Artomático”. Co-choreographed with Rafael Estévez, Carlos Saura’s “Flamenco hoy”. He is the dancer and choreographer of the Miguel Poveda’s production “Historias de Viva Voz”, perfomrmed at Seville’s 2010 Biannual Flamenco. He has performed “Danza220″ with Rafael Estévez, Antonio Ruz, flamenco singer (cantaora) Sandra Carrasco and “Artomático” at the 2010 Madrid Dance Festival. He has participated in Compañía Antonio Ruz’s “Ojo” production.

Rafael Estévez

Huelva, 1979. A Carlos Robles, Manolo Marín and Merche disciple. He has been a member of the Merche Esmeralda company as first dancer and a soloist for Pino Sagliocco y Joaquin Cortés’ Manolete y Pura Pasión Company under the direction of Cristobal Reyes. He has shared the stage with such artists as Paco Toronjo, El Grilo, Milagros Mengibar, la Tati, Manuel Soler, José Mercé, Niña de la Puebla, Juana Amaya, Isabel Bayón and the Bolshoi Theatre Ballet, Moscow. He co-choreographs with Antonio Canales lthe piece “Las mil y una noches”. He has directed and choreographed “de puertas adentro” for the María Vivó’s Al son… son cinco de… Company. He managed the artistic direction for Rocio Molina’s “Entre paredes” production. He has choreographed artists including Daniel Navarro, Mayte Bajo, Olga Pericet, Esther Jurado, Leonor Leal and Fuensanta la Moneta. He has choreographed “Alegrías” for Rocío Molina in the “El eterno retorno”. He co-rects and chorepgraphs with Javier Latorre “homenaje a Fosforito” (2006) and “Homenaje al Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba” (2007). He choreographs and directs “Khalo Caló” production revolcing around artist Frida Khalo. Co-director with Nani Paños of the Dospormedio y Compañía group which has produced, among others, “Flamenco XXI, opera, café y puro” and “Sonata”. He has participated in the experimental production “Artomatico”. He has co-choreographed with Nani Paños the production “Flamenco hoy” directed by Carlos Saura and acted as artistic director for Miguel Poveda’s y director artístico Miguel Poveda’s production “Historias de Viva Voz”, performed at Seville’s 2010 Biannual Flamenco. He has performed “Danza220″ with Nani Paños, Antonio Ruz, flamenco singer (cantaora) Sandra Carrasco and “Artomático” at the 2010 Madrid Dance Festival. He has participated in Compañía Antonio Ruz’s “Ojo” production.

Lucía Bernardo

Trained in contemporary dance by the Real Conservatorio profesional de Danza Marienma in Madrid. In 2005 she continues her training at the Mathilde Monnier Choreographic Centre in Montpellier, where she joins an improv collective composed of dancers, musicians and visual artists. Between 2007 and 2010 she works on the pedagogic Project, Transdanza, where she inteprets pieces by Carmen Werner, Damian Muñoz, Teresa Nieto, Chevy Muraday and Nicolas Rambaud. Between 2008 and 2009 she forms parto f the “MichelleMann and friends” and “I-Sensi” companies. She has enjoyed noteworthy participation in the Ramon Salazar film “20 Centimetros”, choreographed by Chevy Muraday as well as Emilio Martínez Lázaro’s “Los dos lados de la cama” choreographed by Pedro Berdayes. She also participated in Madrid’s Teatro Real “Macbeth” opera, under teh direction of Gerardo Vera and Carmen Werner. During Casa Encendida’s 2009 In-presentable Festival she performs in Eszter Salamon’s “Scores Transformers”. Between 2009 and 2010 she co-creates, with Cristina Henríquez the piece “Play –inmobil”, which is launched as part of hte Casa Encendida resident artists program. Since 2006 she has taught the release technique in the Carmen Senra and Gustavo de Ceglie dance schools. She has participated in Compañía Antonio Ruz’s “Ojo” production.

Manuel Martín

Born in Madrid, Spain in 1981. Manuel completes a BA at “La Palma” school whilst simultaneously developing a street experience through Bboying (Break Dance), becoming a member of Madrid’s Vandals Family. These body language links him to the Dani Pannullo DanceTheatre Company of which he is a part of since 2002, performing in eight of its pieces: Yukkuri, Tiranah, Cabaret hip hop, Oro Negro, Desordance 1, amongst others. He has traveled with the company to Japan, Egypt and all over Spain. Upon deciding to further his training in contemporary dance he travels to New York for a month where he receives training at school like DNA and STEP. He continues hi development in Berlon, partaking in the Ponderosa festival. In 2008 he begins to take Ballet classes in Madrid. Upon joining the theatre company Martelache he participates in three of their productions, one of these a break-dance piece for children, “Mamá, ¿que es el Break dance?”, which in turn toured Alicante with support from Caja Madrid (cultural). He has been competing for some times in the European Bboying competition, seeing him perform in countries like Spain, France and Germany. In September 2009 Manuel begins his training as a choreographer and performer in the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid Maria de Avila, where he has worked with Myriam Agar in the piece OCTO, premiered at RESAD in 2010. He has participated in Compañía Antonio Ruz’s “Ojo” production.

Tamako Akiyama

She was born in Asahikawa, Japan. She started her studies of ballet in the  Uchiyama Ballet Studio. In 1985 continued her studied in Academie de Danse Classique Princesse Grace de Monaco with Marika Besobrasova as director. In 1986  she won the Second Prize Johnson Scholarship  in the Prix de Lausanne and two years later the  Junior Fourth Prize at the International Ballet Competition in Varna, Bulgaria. In 1989 she has been a part of the Suttgarter Ballet with Marcia Haydée where she has been performing creations by Jiri Kylian, Uwe Sholtz, Renato Zanela, Christian Spuck, Stefan Toss, etc. In 1996 Richard Cragun invited her to join the Company of the Deutsche Oper in Berlin as a soloist and a year later promoted her to Principal dancer, where she’s repertoire included works by J.Cranko, Kenneth MacMillan, George Balanchine, Glen Tetley, Hans Van Manem, Heinz Spoerli… In 1999  she joined the Compañia Nacional de Danza in Madrid under the direction of Nacho Duato and a year later she became a principal dancer,  she has been involved in many of Nacho Duato’s creations, dancing main parts of his repertory, as well as pieces from such important choreographers as Jiri Kylián, Mats Ek,  William Forsythe, Ohad Naharin, Wim Vandekeybus. In 2006, she was nominated for the prestigious Benois De La Danse Awards. She was invited by Manuel Legris to take part of the galas “The New Universe of Manuel Legris” in Tokyo and Wien 2013. She combines the work in the CND with projects outside of the company.

Indalecio Séura

He started his training in contemporary dance at the “Centro Andaluz de Danza” (2010), and continued in the Modem / Atelier workshops in company “Zappalá Dansa” (2011). It has been part of the company “Dádiva danza” where he participated as a choreographer and dancer. He teaches in diferents academies on the city of Granada while completing her training at the Conservatory “Reina Sofía”. Now, he take part in “Cia Antonio Ruz” and “Sasha Waltz & Gests” in the piece “Sacre” and Compañía Antonio Ruz.

Daniela Presta

Born in Buenos Aires in 1975. Since her earliest days, she has been involved different art disciplines through the Institute for Art Education (dance, theatre, visual and music), The M. Roanova National Dance School and Asociación Estímulo de Bellas Artes. Following her graduation from Universitario Nacional de Arte she begins to work in an art gallery from where she begins to participate in a series of collective exhibitions and International Arts Fairs (Belgium, Luxemburg and Spain). Concurrently she worked as a teacher at the National School of Fine Arts, P.P.. In 1999, the Dutch contemporary art collector, Jan Verhoeven, learns of her work and commissions a series of canvas paintings over a period of a year. He consequently invites her to work in Holland, where she exhibits her work solo in the Gothic church, “Martinus”, sponsored and inaugurated by the EMbassy of Argentina in the Netherlands. Jan Verhoeven aquires an ample Collection of her work, which he continues to promote and exhibit them in Dutch art forums and museums. (“Old Masters, Young Talent”,Gorinchem; “Argentina más Próxima”, Neerinjen; Yellow Fellow Foundation, Woudrichem; Mondrean Concrete and Construction Art Museum, Amersfoort). In 2001 she moves to Madrid where she continues to produce art with canvas, drawing and other objects, widening her spectrum and incorporating multimedia in FANCINES, videos and short movies. She works as an art director and Performer in the dance solo “A”, choreographed and interpreted by Antonio Ruz as part of the Circuito Experimental de Danza de Madrid as well as in the choreography of “Ostinato”, through which she produces the video “Mar” for La Mov, and premiered at Zaragoza’s Teatro Principal. She currently complements her work in cinema and TV by cooperating with scenery and costume for the Compañía Antonio Ruz in its “No Drama”, “Recreo.01″ and “Ojo” productions.


Artomático is the Daniel Muñoz’s (Madrid, 1970) electronic music project. This musician, producer and sound technician graduated in Audivisual Communications from Madrid’s Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Following a stint of rock training he became one of the founding members of the Anglo-Spanish Group Monotone, for which he is the producer and plays the drums. He has also provided drums for recordings of the British singer, Emma McGlynn. He concurrently worked sound for notable figures of Spanish music as well as composing for film and televisión (see IMBD). Since 1997 he has been at the helm of online cultural diffusion projects such as, where he also acts as photographic director ( Following years of work with machines in labs, he shines Light on Artomatico, fusing electronic improvisation with genres like Flamenco. He cooperates with Antonion Ruz C. In Danza 220 and Ojo.

Juantxo de la Calle

Madrid, 1987. Submereged in art from a young age, he began his musical studies when he was eight at Getafe’s Maestro Gombáu Conservatory, specializing in the accordeon. A litte while later he would also study percussion in the same centre, complimenting musical studies with self-taught playing of other instruments, like the bass and the guitar, working with them in widely divergent manners in styles as the years went by. He slowly began making inroads into the technical aspects of music and thus fostered a keen interest in all that which surrounded music. This would lead him to the world of recording and sound editing. With sound and stage lighting studies under his belt, he begins his professional career in the Teatro Pradillo, a dance hall and alternative theatre in Madrid. He currently accompanies his technical stage work with participation in different musical projects like Falsa Monea (relevant fusion punk band) and Gipsy Pour Jazz (jazz manouche combo). He also collaborates with several artists from Madrid singer songwriter scene, and most recently with Compañía Antonio Ruz as a live musician in Recreo.01 and Ignoto and as lights technician for No Drama.

Olga García

She begins her professional incursions into the world of dance working with such designers as Jan Hofstra, John Spradbery or Freddy Guerlache in th e Víctor Ullate Ballet, where she becomes a permanent designer (1989-2001), providing the lighting for over 30 ballets, classical as much as contemporary. During on fo the productions at the New York City Center she meets María Pajés and José Mª Sanchez who, upon seeing her work, ask her to design the lighting for El Jaleo, La Triana and Flamenco Republic, ushering her into the flamencho world and launching her solo career. Since 2002 she works lighting for music and dance performances, zarzuela, theatre and opera. In 2003 she joined Romancero Gitano’s artistic team, under the direction of Vicente Pradal, for the Toulouse National Theatre. That same year she begins her collaboration with director Marina Bollaín, for whom she designed the lighting for Cuerps deshabitados. This was followed by Adiós Julián, Entre paredes, Pared con pared and Cuestión de poder. In 2006 she partakes in Gala de Andalucía, La puerta del silencio, Dos voces para un baile, Iberia and Noche de verano en La verbena de la Paloma,. In 2007 she participates in Meridiana, Femenino Plural, Amares, Los vascos y la danza, Orfeo y El diluvio de Noé de Britten. She deisgns lighting for Antonio Ruz Co and has worked in Ostinato, No Drama and Ojo.

Alicia Narejos

She began studying ballet with Sonia Cayuela teacher in she´s native Murcia it was part of the 2005 to 2009 vocational dance group “Joven Ballet Camargo”. At the age of 17 she discovered contemporary dance in Scaena Center led by Carmen Roche. After winning first place in form of contemporary dance in the second round of the competition “Tiempo de danza” in Murcia, she receives a scholarship that provides access to the Conservatory of Dance Maria de Avila in Madrid, starting a career in choreography and interpretation. Arise she´s first creations, such as “Adherencias”: Released in the Jóvenes Creadores of the Cultural Center Auditorium “Mariana Pineda” Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid, and third prize winning piece in performing arts XIX edition of Creajoven, Murcia. She has done collaborations with pianists: Impromptu, Miguel Narejos and Caridad Galindo, in the parts “Dance Macabre”, “Moonlight” and “7 aphorisms”. It was interpreter: cía. Otra Danza, cía. Girasoles and independent choreographers. She is currently a dancer in productions of the cía. Antonio Ruz and cía. Stoccos in Madrid. Collaborator of Fundación Juan de Castro for dance in different areas, and Comunity Manager of the company Camargo Dance Studio, Murcia for holding events, web address and social networking and design consultant.