‘DOUBLE BACH’ Compañía Antonio Ruz
with Tamako Akiyama & Pablo Martín Caminero

After our premiere last year at Almagro Theater Festival (Spain) and danza_MOS Festival at Conde Duque (Madrid), on Saturday, February 18, we began the ‘DOUBLE BACH’ Spanish Tour in San Sebastián, Gazteszena (C.C Egia) at 20:00.

SAN SEBASTIÁN 18.02 Gazteszena (C.C Egia)
CÓRDOBA 09.03 Palacio de Orive
SEVILLA 11.03 Teatro Central
SEVILLA 12.03 Teatro Central
VALENCIA 07.04 Teatro Rialto (Danza Valencia)
PAMPLONA 27.04 Museo Universidad Navarra
SANTANDER 03.06 Palacio de Festivales
CÁDIZ 07.06 Teatro Falla (Cádiz en Danza)

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