After its premiere and the successful season last December 2017 at Teatro de la Zarzuela Madrid, ELECTRA by Antonio Ruz and National Ballet of Spain (dir: Antonio Najarro) will open the 64th Edition of Merida International Classical Theater Festival (Spain) from June 29 to July 1, 2018. With the dancers and musicians of the National Ballet of Spain, the guest flamenco singer Sandra Carrasco and the Orchestra of Extremadura with the conductor Manuel Coves.

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    oky I am in Tanzania, I wish I was in the odition I wish I would be in that part where I asked to know time and taree, so who, would he help me the need and tikect of the birds? Thank you very much for your message I have found but where do I want to know where I will reach? And what does it look like? how much will it be in the dietary diet? I would like to work and you would like to give me the rewards so that I can die Thank you very much and We will continue to communicate oky

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    My name is Joseph John kumeza from East Africa Tanzania. I am graduate from Muda Africa. A school for African traditional dances and contemporary dance in Tanzania. Currently I am a dancer and choreographer at Shine Dance Tz in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
    My artistic journey started at the Centre for street children Makini organization in Dar es Salaam Tanzania where I leaned acting, Traditional Dances, Modeling, and Theatre and English and collected my first performances experiences from 2010 to 2014 I have been of all the performance activities of the makini group as actor and dancer and I have been leading the physical training of my fellow colleges we trained ourselves in Hip Hop, Traditional Dances Aerobics, and acrobatics. This is how I started to develop my skills as a performer and teacher.
    In 2014 where I had the unique opportunity to attend a 3-years professional dance-training course at the Muda Africa Dance School in Dar es Salaam Tanzania where I was able to learn contemporary dance, Tanzanian Traditional and African dances and a little bit of ballet. Also I was able to learn. English, Msw, Excel, Illustrator, designing, editing both music and video. This enabled me to go deep in the understanding dance and choreography and to meet many people who influenced my dance practice I attended workshops and performances and projects inside and outside of Tanzania with different dance choreographers, artists and teachers from abroad and Africa

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