“With the BNE performance of “Electra”, Ruz loosens corsets, lightens the load… and liberates. Not only on an aesthetic and conceptual level, but also corporeally, revealing hidden layers of the interpretive possibilities and capabilities of a troupe that is noticeably renewed and elevated in these other tessituras that are thrust forth (floor included). The contemporary melds fluidly with that which is Spanish, folkloric and flamenco; expressions of ours that are accentuated by Olga Pericet’s choreographic contributions (not removed from hybrid and experimental influences)… This is driven by the dancer and choreographer Antonio Ruz, from Europe via Córdoba, to whom the director of the BNE, Antonio Najarro, has entrusted such a courageous turning point. And with reason, as his roots are in the tradition of our dances and their wings, in the avant-garde of international dance.”

Silvia Calado for

“It is essential to begin this commentary by noting that the “Electra” performed by the Ballet Nacional de España (BNE) is a truly splendid spectacle, and special mention must be given to the exceptional work of the company – especially that of the dancers – in bringing it to life. The audience in attendance at the premier at the Teatro de la Zarzuela felt the same, awarding it with a heartfelt ovation when the final curtain fell… Antonio Ruz’s choreography was powerful, particularly in ensemble moments, which moved with a great aesthetic sense and dominance of the stage.”

Julio Bravo for ABC

“Electra will impress the most cultured of audiences, but will have an impact on everyone. The former will more keenly perceive the most minute detail, but the fundamental function of art is not to understand, but to feel. Every person in the audience will experience it differently, without anyone being spared the emotion that underlies the tragedy brought on by war, violence and its eternal spiral of shame. We are spectators of an avant-garde piece. If we understand this to mean that it innovates, than in truth it goes one step further, opening a path never before explored. The ballet “Electra” creates its own genre in the BNE.”

Mercedes Albi for

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