After taking on (and triumphing!) a challenge of the magnitude of adapting Electra to the world of rural Spain for the Spanish National Ballet, Antonio Ruz (Córdoba, 1976) returns home for an intimate project with his own company. From tragic grandiosity, he now moves on to an introspective reflection with PRESENTE, for which he tackles the slippery notion of the present, which implies delving into time and impulses, the past and the future, the ephemeral and volatile nature of the now, and what he himself defines as the gift that each moment implies. “This work seeks to explore the concept of the present through the senses, and the relationship of movement and matter using stimuli as avenues for expression, like the enthusiasm for carrying out a specific daily task.” And it does so without failing to take into account the uncertainty, anxiety and vertigo that are the signs of these extremely fast times in which we live. “An altering piece in which the five dancers build their own performance space while choreographies and images unfold of a poetry that moves between chaos and beauty, between that which is ephemeral and eternal.”

Concept, direction & choreography Antonio Ruz Dance & choreographic collaboration Victoria Pérez Miranda, Melania Olcina, Maureen López, Indalecio Seura y Alejandro Moya Music Bruno Dozza Set design Paco Azorín & Antonio Ruz Light design Olga García Costume design Anne- Cécile Espinach Sound technician Enrique Chueca Production & communication Spectare Support Centro Danza Canal, Ayuntamiento de Madrid & Comunidad de Madrid 

19, 20 & 21 October 2018

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