Since 2007, Antonio Ruz has been combining his work as a director, choreographer and dancer with teaching, giving both classical ballet and modern dance classes, courses and creative workshops in diverse centers, as well as at dance festivals and schools in Spain and abroad. He is currently the expert guest professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza “María de Ávila” in Madrid, where he teaches a Creation Workshop and Repertory Analysis.

Antonio has been in contact with the world of dance for more than thirty years, initially through his training in flamenco, Spanish dance and classical ballet and later as a dancer in important international and modern repertory companies. Other outlets are as the director and choreographer of his own company in Madrid, in diverse pedagogical, musical and theatrical projects, or as a regular guest of Sasha Waltz & Guests, Berlin. As a teacher, he shares all of this learning and experience by evaluating the context, level and origin of his students, challenging his own knowledge. In his workshops, he presents exercises that give the participants, whether on their own, in a pair, or as a group, the space to explore his proposals with clear guidelines and indications, connecting with the individual and collective, with the imagination and the pleasure of moving ourselves and being moved. He seeks to create a place for integration, respect, teamwork, decision making, awareness of your body and that of others; to share in the game and the reflection of personal and collective proposals.

These workshops are generally open to anyone – with or without dance experience –  interested in researching and learning about the diverse possibilities for the body’s movement in action, alone or in relation to others and in space; as well as in the different experiences that arise during the work process and in the exploration of creativity as a valuable tool for expression. This is particularly interesting for professional dancers or those in training, actors, musicians and artists who rely on movement and who are interested in the search for their own physical vocabulary.

Antonio Ruz in Colombia – Factoría L’Explose Bogotá & Proyecto Paso Yopal 15.07.19 – 10.08.19

Spanish choreographer and director Antonio Ruz is travelling for the first time to Colombia developing an Artistic Residency in Factoría L’Explose Bogotá and initiating in the city of Yopal his PASO Project, an itinerant research residency that aims to approach the folklore of different countries and regions of Latin America under the contemporary perspective. Folklore/Dialogue/Body/Identity  […]

Antonio Ruz – Summer Intensive ‘Dansez Maintenant Festival’ Château de Véretz France 02-08.07.18

Choreographer, director and dancer Antonio Ruz is one of the guest teachers of Dansez Maintenant Summer Intensive that offers an immersive week at Château de Véretz France for professional and pre-professionnal dancers. Hosted in this beautiful place, all participants will enjoy the Workshops with our guest artists and the Creative Laboratory where they can develop their creativity. The workspace is spread over the whole area through different […]

‘Evocar’ Creative Lab with Antonio Ruz in Madrid ‘La Fabrica’ Descalzinha Danza 19-23.02.18

This intensive workshop seeks to provide a glimpse into the creative process of choreographer and dancer Antonio Ruz, by using diverse choreographic and performance tools to address the concept of evocation as a means of connecting the past and present through the body. In the exercise of bringing things to our minds and imaginations, our emotions, desires, frustrations and memories […]

Creative Series at BambúDanza Madrid

This new season, Antonio Ruz will be teaching the CREATIVE SERIES at Bambudanza Madrid. Three weekends of intensive workshops (technique & choreography). 8 & 9 of OCTOBER from 10:00 to 16:00 5 & 6 of  NOVEMBER  from 10:00 to 16:00 3 & 4 of DECEMBER  from 10:00 to 16:00 + info & registration at www.bambudanza.com