After having been a dancer of the Compañía Nacional de Danza (National Dance Company), Antonio Ruz returns now as a choreographer to direct it by request for the first time, which marks an important milestone in his career. The piece In Paradisum, will premiere on April 8th to 11th as part of a triple programme.

As a travel in time, In Paradisum proposes a dialogue between religious music and folklore, the Sacred and the Mundane, the colectivity and the individual. A humanistic consideration about the concept and the search of spirituality in our time. A scenic ritual full of movement, rhythm, subtleness, unison, pulse, emotion and energy. This piece pays tribute to the Renaissance composer Tomás Luis de Victoria, with original score from Pablo Martín Caminero, and scenography based in El Greco paintings, with set design by Paco Azorín, costume design by Rosa García Andújar, and lighting design by Olga García. In Ruz own words, this work is a “homage to dancing, a colective ritual that serves as an instrument to connect not only with yourself, but with the others. The concept of trascending and feeling as part of a whole. We propose a humanistic reflection about spirituality in our time. Along with playwright Rosabel Huguet and the whole creative team, we have worked on making the audience feel entitled to make their own interpretation through imagery, music, the mise en scène, and of course, the choreography”.

In Paradisum “will provide a boost of energy, freedom, emotion and movement that will leave nobody indifferent. A human travel in time that will connect the expert audience with those less accustomed to contemporary dance. The opportunity to see the CDN cast working on this new challenge should not be missed”.

Photo: © Alba Muriel

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Next performances:

April 16th & 17th  2021 at Teatro Arriaga Bilbao 

April 29th 2021 performance and meeting with Ruz, Nacho Duato and Joaquín De Luz at Alcobendas

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