ELECTRA Antonio Ruz – Ballet Nacional de España (Trailer)

ELECTRA Antonio Ruz  Ballet Nacional de España (director: Antonio Najarro) Direction & Choreography Antonio Ruz Music Pablo Martín Caminero, Moisés Sánchez & Diego Losada Choreographic collaboration Olga Pericet Dramaturgy & songs lyrics Alberto Conejero Guest artists Sandra Carrasco, flamenco singer Musical Direction Manuel Coves, Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid (ORCAM) Set Paco Azorín Light Olga García Costume Rosa García Andujar Direction assistant Lucia […]

‘ELECTRA’ Ballet Nacional de España – Antonio Ruz Premiere Madrid Teatro de la Zarzuela 09-23.12.17

Press: “With the BNE performance of “Electra”, Ruz loosens corsets, lightens the load… and liberates. Not only on an aesthetic and conceptual level, but also corporeally, revealing hidden layers of the interpretive possibilities and capabilities of a troupe that is noticeably renewed and elevated in these other tessituras that are thrust forth (floor included). The […]


COMPAÑÍA ANTONIO RUZ Saturday 2 December 2017 at 21:00, Centro Federico García Lorca Granada A metaphor that, like this language, mixes the different elements that make up a meaningful whole. (…) It is a painting, a grey canvas that is gradually filled with strokes of color, which appear slowly, in a way that is almost […]

‘ELECTRA’ Antonio Ruz’s new project for Ballet Nacional de España

ELECTRA, the first complete choreographic story to be told by Ballet Nacional de España under Antonio Najarro’s direction. The Stage Direction and Choreography is by Antonio Ruz with the collaboration of the dancer and choreographer Olga Pericet. The Greek tragedy argument will be developed using different dance languages and taking the inspiration from our common imaginary. A contemporary vision […]

‘À L’ESPAGNOLE, a scenic fantasy’ L’Auditori de Barcelona 03.03.17

Next Friday 3 March at 20:30, our piece À L’ESPAGNOLE, a scenic fantasy, in collaboration with the Spanish baroque music ensemble Accademia del Piacere and its director Fahmi Alqhai, will be presented at L’Auditori de Barcelona (Sala 2 Oriol Martorell) within the cycle Escenes. Dance, theater and Baroque music go hand in hand in a scenic fantasy […]

‘DOUBLE BACH’ Compañía Antonio Ruz Spanish Tour!

‘DOUBLE BACH’ Compañía Antonio Ruz with Tamako Akiyama & Pablo Martín Caminero After our premiere last year at Almagro Theater Festival (Spain) and danza_MOS Festival at Conde Duque (Madrid), on Saturday, February 18, we began the ‘DOUBLE BACH’ Spanish Tour in San Sebastián, Gazteszena (C.C Egia) at 20:00. SAN SEBASTIÁN 18.02 Gazteszena (C.C Egia) CÓRDOBA 09.03 Palacio […]

‘DOUBLE BACH’ Madrid Premiere! 19.10.16

DOUBLE BACH is a collaborative project between musician Pablo Martín Caminero – whose original idea it was to adapt the Suites for cello No 1 and 2 by J.S. Bach for the double bass and the choreographer Antonio Ruz. With the powerful dancing of acclaimed ballerina Tamako Akiyama, the piece presents an intimate, indoor space […]