Promoted by Gruentuch Ernst Architekten BDA architecture studio and inspired by the exhibitions Dialoge 09 Neues Museum (Berlin) and Dialoge 09 MAXXI (Rome) by acclaimed choreographer Sasha Waltz – who also mentored this project – the performance marking the inauguration of the new Deutsche Schule Madrid building was conceived as an event in which dance, music and architecture join hands in a multidisciplinary dialogue under the direction of choreographer Antonio Ruz, who is also an assistant choreographer and dancer in the Berlin-based company Sasha Waltz & Guests.

The performance comprises an intervention in the new building through choreographic and musical installations that, in contrast or in tune with these virgin spaces, will create singular universes and explore the distinct possibilities of this dialogue between body and space, the individual and the group, tradition and modernity… offering a performance that is both original and unique. The audience will be guided through the building’s courtyards, where the dancers’ bodies and live music will interact with the architectural elements and light to alter and enhance the perception of these still largely uninhabited places and transform them into the day-to-day spaces of the future.

The performance involves more than a hundred artists, including dancers, musicians, young singers and the active participation of the students of the Deutsche Schule Madrid.

Artistic details

Direction  Antonio Ruz Direction assistant  Lucía Bernardo Costume design  Daniela Presta Dancers and choreographic collaboration Carmen Fumero, Manuel Martín, Nathalie Stelle Sophie, Alicia Georgina Narejos, Lucía Montes, Indalecio Segura, Samuel Deniz, José Juan Rodríguez, Miguel Ballabriga, Laura Cortés

Musicians Juan Antonio de la Calle (accordion), David Vicedo (trumpet), María de las Viñas (percussion), Marta Campo (violin), Iván Caramés (cello)

Coro de Jóvenes de Madrid (Madrid Young Choir). Direction: Juan Pablo de Juan

Participating students  (25) Sara Mendoza, Beatriz Velilla, Sol Fiebig, Beatriz Worwald, Lourdes Mariñas, Laura Barone, Inés Rodríguez, Catalina García, Laura Desdín, Natalia Pérez Agua, Ana Taubmann, Sara García, Mª Rosa Codón, Alessia Lagner, Carlota Entrena, Lucía López, Laura Mendoza, María Espinosa, Kira Lagner, Sara Candel, Lucía Alacán, Sofía Marrero, Ana Rodríguez, Maya Aparicio, Jimena Grässner.

Production Compañía Antonio Ruz _ Spectare

Duration: 45min. aprox.

2nd of October 2015 at 19.00
3rd  of October 2015 at 12:00

Free entrance!

Deutsche Schule Madrid (German School Madrid)
Calle Monasterio de Guadalupe, 7
28049 Madrid
Phone: 91 558 02 00

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