Artoatico & Sandra Carrasco

Artisitic direction and choreography: Rafael Estévez, Valeriano Paños, Antonio Ruz
Musical direction: Artomatico
Dancing: Rafael Estévez, Valeriano Paños, Antonio Ruz
Singing: Sandra Carrasco
Music: Artomatico
Lighting Creation: Agnethe Tellefsen
Costumes and props: Daniela Presta
Lighting: Agnethe Tellefsen
Sound: Chipi Cacheda
Technical director: Agnethe Tellefsen
Production: Estévez/Paños Y Compañía
International distribution: Aurora Limburg (

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The dance of Rafael Estévez, Valeriano Paños, Antonio Ruz and the avant garde electronic music Artomático  are melt together in the show Danza 220V . Contemporary and ancient, machine and flesh, neoclassical and baroque…flashes of deep diving in old spanish folklore, extreme and subtle electricity, the bodies, the human voice and the mathematical abstraction of the machines meet both in the air, and in the ground. Improvisation around the common codes of tradition are transmitted as contemporary languages. And the flamenco beat is the link. The old rhytmical patterns concerning their different styles and their complexity are the circuits of a two-way experience between the sounds and the bodies. Rafael Estévez and Valeriano Paños with Antonio Ruz, are the dancers and the choreographers, but also guides and scouts, as the approach is not to dance to a playback or to accompany the dance with sound, but to create a new unit in évolution, as a single living being. Artomático machines together with the singing of Sandra Carrasco, make the music. The singer flies around the old crudeness of popular poetry, a message that marks the most primitive emotional tone of people’s communication. Danza 220V  is the realm of intuition, creation and freedom in high voltage. Danza 220V is an exploration into the world of sound, dance, rhythm and experimentation with the common codes of primitive styles. Danza 220V is dance improvisation and plays with the complicity of the flamenco genre, but is also a work of choregraphy and score at the service of human movement and dance. Danza 220V visits an open land recorded in the collective memory of our society. The experimentation with the melodic and rhythmic legacy of the first recordings of flamenco brings a common point with the primitive and popular folklore of many cultures. Danza 220V  is dance decomposition and transformation to search the minimum essential éléments, to test the limits of the tensions between dance, music, sound, silence, atonality, melody, choreography, improvisation,human-machines.

Premiered 19th November, 2010 at the Corral de Comedias of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) within Madrid’s International Dance Festival 2010. International Premier at Festival Paris Quartier d’été, July 2013.