“Choreographic Instalation”
Compañía Antonio Ruz

Direction and coreography: Antonio Ruz
Performance and coreography: Melania Olcina y Lucía Bernardo
Music: Artomatico
Costumes: Antonio Ruz
Photo: Pedro Arnay y Borja Suarez Lázaro Galdiano
Production: Compañía Antonio Ruz
 Festival de Otoño Madrid y Sasha Waltz & Guests Berlin
Duration: 20min.

With the support of Centro de Danza Canal de Madrid, Teatro Buero Vallejo de Alcorcón, Embassy of Spain Berlín and Instituto Cervantes Berlin.

This choreographic installation uses the extract of the piece OJO as the starting point of its creation; the discovery of a an Andalusian tradition, possibly moslem, in which women covered their bodies with a black mantle, leaving only one eye at sight, a mysterious apparel that was prohibited in the sixties due to possible criminal acts. This detail makes the choreographer Antonio Ruz to be interested in putting on stage the recurring topic of the vision, the perception, the look, the blindness and the darkness. Questions like the judgment in the look and the feminine beauty are axes of inspiration in the piece.

Presented at Festival Plataforma Berlin 2013 and Contenedores de Arte, Festival Actual 2014 of Logroño (Spain).