Compañía Antonio Ruz

Direction / choreography: Antonio Ruz
Dance: Melania Olcina and Antonio Ruz
Music: Juantxo de la Calle
Live music (accordion): Juantxo de la Calle
Costumes: Antonio Ruz
Photos: Rafael Estévez
Duration: aprox.12 mins.

Supported by Kubik Fabrik Madrid

Concept Uknown, unexplored, ignored, incognito, secret, virginal… are synonyms of IGNOTO. The title of the piece evokes an atmosphere of poetry, a brief encounter between two beings who dance almost without seeing each other, who see through the skin and caress with their ears the limits of infinite space. Piece premiered at the International Choreography Competition Burgos-New York 2011, where it won best RHC performance award.