Compañía Antonio Ruz

Direction / choreography: Antonio Ruz
Performance/ choreography: Maureen López, Dimo Kirilov and Antonio Ruz
Art: Daniela Presta
Music: Fernando Abras and Antonio Ruz
Light design: Olga García
Photos: Daniel Muñoz and Pedro Arnay
Supported by Centro de Danza Canal (Madrid) and Sasha Waltz & Guests (Berlin)

Drama can turn into comedy in a matter of seconds; any tragic scenario frequently borders irony.Using absurdity and expressionism, the body is used as the fun-pain-laughter and exaggeration tool, letting abstraction show from a frustrated and unfinished movement along the piece.Lead by a conflictive attitude, the characters will fail to deliver their daily actions, laughing at themselves, dancing on their own unveiling their flaws, their bad habits and even fear of death. Beggars, heros, popular folk songs and chickens.This work is a collaboration with the artist Daniela Presta. Duration: 60 min.

Premiere at Teatro Pradillo Madrid in april 2010, Espaço Sesc Copacabana and Festival de Inverno Teresopolis (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), La Casa Encendida (Madrid) Festival Verano Escenico, Dock11 Berlin, Teatro Fernán Gómez Madrid “Danza en la Villa 2011″, Festival Plataforma Berlin 2011, Festival Periferias Huesca 2011 and Teatro Góngora Córdoba, Spain.