La Mov Compañía de Danza

Piece for 9 dancers and a solo pianist
Direction and choreography: Antonio Ruz
Music: John Corigliano, Fantasía on an ostinato for piano solo, 1985
Video creation: Daniela Presta
Light design: Olga García
Piano: Jose Luís Franco
Costumes: Antonio Ruz
Costume maker: María Felisa Herrero

John Corigliano found inspiration in the second movement of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony for his Fantasía on an ostinato for solo piano. The ostinato, a repetitive melody and instantly recognizable is present in this piece in an obsessive manner. As with the musical piece, the choreography transpires in two parts, divided by a lengthy silence; a sound vacuum filled with dance. Parallel to this musical language, the choreography, void of story of theatrical script, looks to create an atmosphere of expressive visual experience, an abstract body-filled landscape. The contrast. Gestures and images that stimulate contemplation.

Piece premiered by La Moy Dance Company, December 2008 at the Teatro Principal de Zaragoza.