Compañía Antonio Ruz

Direction / choreography: Antonio Ruz (in colaboration with the dancers) Dance: Maureen López, Dimo Kirilov, Melania Olcina and Antonio Ruz
Music: Juantxo de la Calle
Live music (accordion): Juantxo de la Calle
Costumes: Daniela Presta
Photos: Rafael Estévez and Daniel Muñoz Pantiga
Production: Compañía Antonio Ruz

Recreo.01 is the first in a series of dance pieces the Compañía Antonio Ruz has proponed to showcase on the street, in open spaces or unique places. With improvisation as its base, the choreography interacts with the proposed space and real-time sound ambience.

Premiered at La Noche de los Teatros Madrid 2011.