Museo Universidad de Navarra 

‘Transmutación’ (Transmutation) was born in 2018, when José Manuel Garrido, the Museum’s Performing Arts Artistic Director, extended an invitation to Antonio Ruz to participate in a programme aimed at supporting artists during their creative processes. Starting with a selection of black and white photographs by different 20th century authors belonging to the Museum’s collection, chosen on the sole basis of body/action, the piece uses dance to propose an evocative game where the dancers enter into a dialogue with architecture, light and live music throughout different spaces. An ephemeral and suggestive piece where the public is guided through a choreography and sound installation. Ruz finds his inspiration in photographs by, among others, Dolcet Santos, Català Roca, Nyssen and Ortiz Echagë.

“For years, my love for photography has allowed me to transform this art form into an important tool as a choreographer and, in fact, the main source of inspiration for some of my pieces. I have always been fascinated by the act of translating a flat picture into the three-dimensionality of a moving body, as well as by the way of connecting past and present that this process generates.”

Concept/direction/choreography Antonio Ruz Dancers/choeographic collaboration Irene Tena y Albert Hernández (cedidos por el Ballet Nacional de España) Live music & sound creation Daniel Muñoz ‘Artomático’ Costumes Compañía Antonio Ruz (Anne-Cécile Espinach y Javier Moreau) Production Paola Villegas – Spectare Photo Manuel Castell Video Acrónica Produciones

With the support of C.C Sanchinarro Madrid

Premiered on the 9th of November 2019 at Museo Universidad de Navarra, Spain