The first large-scale production of the Compañía Antonio Ruz, in co-production with the Teatros del Canal, arrives at an important moment in its trajectory with its world premiere in the Sala Roja on 21, 22 and 23 October, and confirmed performances at the Museo Universidad de Navarra and the Teatro Central in Seville.

'Pharsalia', new production by Antonio Ruz, world premiere at the Teatros del Canal, autumn 2022

With a strong scenic and costume proposal and an original musical creation that travels between the epic and the electronic, 11 performers will move through choreographies full of violence, subtlety and theatricality, launching themselves, with all their physicality, into a feast of combat. Bodies at war that evoke landscapes of a strange and at the same time captivating beauty. 

The proposal is based on the poem written by the Cordovan Marcus Annaeus Lucanus (39-65 A.D.); a work more than 20 centuries old through which pain becomes close to us and the word, a cry for peace for all peoples that resounds close to us. Its relevance today exudes a clear message of invocation of freedom and rejection of tyranny. 

In Ruz's words, 'Pharsalia' is an anti-war hymn to dance as a weapon of liberation and saving energy.

Direction and choreography 
Antonio Ruz
Dance and choreographic collaboration 
Anna B. Andresen, Elias Bäckebjörk, Joan Ferre, Carmen Fumero, Jose Alarcón, Manuel Martín, Lucia Montes, Alicia Narejos, Selam Ortega, Isabela Rossi, David Vilarinyo
Set and costume design
Alejandro Andújar 
Original music 
Lighting design 
Olga García 
Rosabel Huguet 
Technical coordination 
Espacio Átomo 
Director Assistant
Begoña Quiñones
Paola Villegas, Gabriel Blanco - SPECTARE
Derek Pedrós
Graphic design
Photography work in progress 
Alba Muriel
Valeria Cosi - TINA Agency

Museo Universidad de Navarra, Gran Teatro de Córdoba, Teatro Central de Sevilla, Mapas Fest 

Tour 2022-2023 
+ info & tickets:

14 October 2022 (Preview). Museo Universidad de Navarra

21, 22, 23 October 2022 (Premiere). Teatros del Canal (Sala roja)

19-20 May 2023. Teatro Central Seville

New dates coming soon!